curtains_000003766048Small1-001-300x199In our companion post we are talking about the importance of using your trademarks in a consistent manner. This consistency helps consumers know that when they see KalmKap that it identifies a product coming from a single company and that they can trust that the quality is the same as the last time they bought the product. Consistent use helps to identify your mark as being owned by you. Another way identify your marks as belonging to you is use the recognized trademark symbols and to make appropriate attribution statements somewhere within your ads.
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curtains_000003766048Small1-001-300x199Once you have selected a trademark and it has been cleared for use, you can simply start using the mark. This will give you common law trademark rights. However, you should consider filing an application to register the mark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). There are a few questions that might come to mind when this recommendation is made: 1. Why should I register my trademarks? 2. Which of my trademarks should I register? And 3. When should I register my trademarks?
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