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enterprise risk management

safe-moneyiStock_000000609494_MediumThe following is Part I of a six-part series of blog postings regarding whether a captive insurance subsidiary or one owned by the owners or affiliates of a company may represent an effective risk management tool that also provides economic benefits. Although there are various types of captive insurance, this posting and the five to follow will focus primarily on single parent/pure captives and how they might provide economic benefits for you or your healthcare business.

Effective enterprise risk management (ERM) is an essential component of any successful business that in almost all circumstances imposes costs and expenses and represents a drag on a company’s profits. Wouldn’t owners of such businesses and their managements be interested in learning about a risk management tool that provides insurance but may also result in the potential for increased earnings as well as tax savings and benefits? Captive insurance might be that tool for your company.

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